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Old Blu. . . . . . . . soon to be my Cheepster?!?

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In it's Moab Dress
A few changes needed but overall a winner!

August 26th, 2005.
Just got back from running Fordyce and Barrett lake, learned alot. My 63 frame is about stressed out, gonna start looking for a mid-70's DJ frame. Warn Premium hubs exploded, 2 times, guess they're not so premium. Very happy with the 35" Toyo's, and the 21 coats of hand rubbed Viper Red, Earl Schrieb, all applied at one time, looks really good and surprising very durable.

November 6, 2004
Well here's what my trip to Moab made me realize;
1. My rollbar is not the right choice for me. I used a late model rollbar, it looked good, but the fit isn't right. The main hoop drops down to the floor behind the seat, and my sholder was right up aginst it. That inturn bruised my sholder. Now I'm going to an earlier bar that mounts to the top of the fender well. It fits better, now I need to figure out how to make it an strong as the one it's replacing.
2. The body mounts I used need to be modified. Mounted the 76 body to the 63 frame mounts. Not the right thing to do. Now the floors are pounded out and I've made extra work for myself.
3. The floors in the tub need re-inforced. This is an easy fix. Warrior Products make a diamond plate replacement floor board that fits pretty good. A few pop rivits and it's all good.
4. My rear bumper and tire carrier didn't do the job. It really did, but because of the propane bottles mounted in the cargo area, I decided that I need a rear bumper with a swing out tire carrier. If it wasn't for the propane access, the DJ bumper took quite a beating abd protected my rear body panels better than anyone thought they would.
All in all, a pretty good showing with few regrets, concidering this was about 4 years in the making. Moab was the maiden voyage, no test runs.

September 4, 2004
We kicked tail at Moab. Were there from August 20 til the 28th. The propane worked flawless. Everything went well until the last day when I broke the right stub shaft. No big deal since I carry extras.

July 11th, 2004
Progress Up-date
Well Moab's coming up real soon, August 20th, And except for paint, she's practically done. Got a few quirks to work out on the Hydraulic linkage, and would like to get some sliderz built, But I'm confident she's gonna be ready. The propane works great, the full float rear is a sweet addition.
July 21st, 2003
Progress Up-date
Got my T-18, had to pull the guts out of my model 18 transfer case, and reinstall them into a model 20 case.
Fit's pretty good, after a little grinding here and there.
Got all the stuff for the propane, had to have a good friend of mine, Bill Rogers, build me an adapter for the throddle body.
Now just waiting on Brook to step up with the pluming.
July 4, 2003
Progress update
The body's off again, waiting for my T-18.
I've got all my propane stuff, 1/2 installed, but can't get it finished untill the tranny's in and the body's back on.
Want to get the body and fenders done and painted before I put it back together.
Guess I need to get on the BALL, plan on running it on the Rubicon in August, 16th - 23rd, with alot, maybe to much, to do.

This is going to be propelled by propane. It is locked up front and rear with disc front and 11" drum dear all running on 4:88's.My goal is to build a runnable 4WD that can operate in rock, sand, mud, and anything else I can throw at it. Oh, and it will be streetable.

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