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AMC 401 For Sale?

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Here's what I have,
    1. block has been tanked, new brass freeze plugs, ball honed (so I can use stock pistons), cam bearings
    2. crank was scored so I had it turned, matched main journal bearings
    3. head reworked, hardened valve seats, new guides, couple new valves casting #3216090-1
    4. all factory sheetmetal + chrome valve covers
    5. cast iron square bore intake
    6. all gaskets +
    7. 600 holley
    8. slightly used reground cam and lifters
    9. roller tip rockers 1.6 ratio Slightly used
    10.good used rods and pistons, just need cleaned up
here's what I need,
     1. starter
     2. fuel pump
     3. assembly
I do have a complete exhaust system, inside frame headers to tailpipe, CJ7, not part of the motor deal, add $125.  . If I keep this motor, it's going in a 68 Rambler American hotrod sleeper.
 I'm getting ready in the next few days to assemble, the more I do, the more it cost!